Yoga Retreats – A Stress Free Vacation

People have different hobbies and interests. Some enjoy learning basketball skills through basketball videos, while others like to spend some relaxing time with friends or family. However, traveling is something that is liked by nearly everybody. Moreover, if stars and astrology also interest you, read on to find out where your zodiac signs will take you.

As mentioned above, one session of this exercise is of 90 minutes. There are 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. The temperature of the room in which this exercise is practiced is 105F and the humidity of the room is 40%.

Located in Tecate, Baja California, Mexico, this resort is beautiful, luxurious and great for both a vacation and a work out. There is plenty to do such as hiking, walks, classes, Volley Ball, tennis, golf, dance and more. Enjoy facials, massages and other spa treatments. Eat great food, (they have an organic farm,) such as fresh seafood, vegetarian or delicious, diet specials.

Getting there: after landing in Cancun take the 40 minute drive south to Playa del Carmen. This hip city along the Mexican riviera still maintains it’s authenticity though it is growing every day. The white sand beaches are full of people from all over the world and have cool beach side bars and lounges. The shopping and food are spectacular and all are convenient to beach area. The main drag here is 5th avenue and is a great place to eat, drink, shop, and people watch.

You should first choose a suitable destination for your yoga retreat. Costa rica Yoga retreats can be easily found in exotic places like Bali or Maldives. In case you have a limited amount of time then you must consider choosing a retreat which is located nearby your city.

My days were filled with adventure from then on. I learnt how to practice yoga and now I just cannot imagine my life without a dose of yoga in it. I got to experience such peace and my entire being was one. I could feel the connection between mind, body and spirit as I practiced yoga in tropical Costa Rica. Sometimes it was on the beach while at other times it was overlooking a mighty waterfall. It was just breathtaking!

Do not let your knees fold and try touching your feet with your hand. After getting used to this pose, at later stages you need to hold your feet with your hand and bend forward completely with your head facing down to your legs.