Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

With so much emphasis on dieting in the world today, it is easy to be mislead regarding food facts. There are many foods which people have deemed unhealthy and healthy. Many of the foods that are separated into those groups are actually misplaced. Below are five examples of healthy foods classified as unhealthy.

Cool down – no more ‘couple talk’ – Cool off and stay cool. Do not call her, do not send her messages, do not do anything that could be remotely interpreted as ‘romantic’. Cooling off will make her want your attention.

There are also cereals and oatmeal. I do really like the oatmeal. It doesn’t have any weird after taste about it like I suspected. The blueberry is my favorite. Of the dry cereals, I like the Cluster Crunch as it is sort of a mix between cheerios and honey nut clusters.

We all have our foods that we simply have no power over portion control. Mine is French silk gin and chocolates delivered ice cream. I have found it works better to buy it only 2-3 times a year and not worry about my overeating for the short time it takes me to finish it off!

From my experience, many of us get into a performance trap that says, “I must perform to a certain standard to have worth and value.” If that trap doesn’t get us, then it’s this one: “I must be liked and have approval to have self worth.” So, we keep on working and meeting everyone else’s needs until at the end of the day there is no time left for ourselves. Does either sound familiar to you?

He poured some gasoline around the rear exit door and then tried to push the dumpster in front of it. The damn thing wouldn’t budge. There were no wheels on it!

An important thing to note is how our changes will affect those around us. Sitting down and having a conversation with our loved ones, boss or friends will be in order. Maybe your goal is to leave the office at 6:00 PM every night instead of 9:00 PM. Your boss may take notice. Make an appointment with your boss and explain that you are making changes in your life to take better care of yourself. Or if you stop buying double stuffed chocolate cookies, tell your family why. In most cases, people just want to know. If you tell them, they will probably be supportive. However, if they are not, remember God’s plan for your life. Our lives are the primary testimony to our children, spouse and others. What are you saying to them?