The 3 Basic Skill Levels Of Making Rap And Hip Hop Beats

Hey guys! If you ever wondered how all these people make their great hip hop beats I have good news for you: It’s no magic, no rocket science…You just need the right tools and creating stunning beats will come naturally to you.

Some rappers will try to find free rap beats from beat makers. They forget that you usually get what you pay for, and if they were serious about their craft, they would try to find high quality beats that sound like the current hip hop market. Using lease beats is the way to do this AND not spend a lot of money.

So how do you make a great hip hop beat instantly? It’s even easier than trying to come up with an amazing rhythm idea out of thin air. Here’s how you do it: you have to stand up, imagine yourself at a party or crowded club, and start dancing FIRST. It will only take about one or two seconds of moving your body before your brain starts to create something for your hips to react to. It’s almost impossible to dance to absolutely no music at all without instantly hearing something great in your head that your body really wants to dance to. Try it and you’ll see that it’s true. But don’t be lazy about it – you really have to move and get into it.

Track – A track is what you record an instrument or beats on. The term used to have more relevance when recording was done on magnetic tape. Different types of tape had a certain number of “tracks” that ran along it, which were read or played by a stereo. Generally when using software to record your beats for sale, one instrument or sounds at a time be added to a track. Whole beats, with all of its parts can be one added to a track. Or, parts of a beats, such as just a snare, or just the bass drum, will have its own track for mixing and panning (more on this later).

But, before I can here them, how are you going to make them? Depending on what type of beats you’re planning to make, it will require some special tools, softwares and your computer. No expensive studio time here. This is very affordable and you won’t believe how cheap!

When looking to download rap beats online I suggest starting on Google or YouTube (duh) but you want to be specific with your search. What type of beat are you looking for? Are you trying to find beats like *insert industry producer here*?

If you want to have an edge in the music industry, you have to know what could make your talents stand out. You need a software program that is easy to use so that you can execute beats and music flawlessly. When you start your creative juices flowing, there’s no time to stop and review instructions. You have to make it happen. And as a beginner you can produce the best hip hop beats with a professional flare using the Dub Turbo beat making software.