Right Hand Diamond Ring Of Power

When a diamond is mined, it does not come out sparkly and shiny, nor is it in a round or square shape. A mined diamond is called a rough, and is usually just that, rough looking and somewhat egg-shaped. It goes through several steps in the cutting and finishing process before it is ready to be set in a beautiful piece of jewelry.

Choose a color your like! A diamond can be of varying colors. It can range form yellow to brown. The GIA grades the diamond based on their colors as well. They are graded in alphabets from D to Z. The later alphabets indicate darker colors.

If you type in the word “diamond” into your browser you will get a plethora of information on diamonds; loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings, diamond ear rings, bracelets, pendants and on and on it goes. Much of the information is sales driven, some is designed to teach you the specifics of diamond buying -the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat weight. These are important. You need to know them, their relation to one another and how they help set price. It is by this criterion that these technical issues will help you determine what is not only right for her, but right for you as well.

Then comes the diamond itself. The cut, the size, the clarity. It is all just so confusing. How can you be sure exactly what is important to look for in a 求婚戒指.

But before buying your diamond engagement ring you must keep few things in mind but the most important thing which you must keep in your list first is the quality of diamond. Diamonds are forever and hence it is very important to buy a ring of good quality.

Undoubtedly, the most popular band when it comes to nuptials is the solitaire diamond ring. Its design has remained a classic design that has endured the ages. It consists of a solitary diamond on the band, thus the name “solitaire diamond”. To ensure that the marital band does not take precedent to the diamond, most solitaire diamonds tend to be bigger than their counterparts. This is not the only thing that makes them special as utmost care is taken to pick out diamonds that have the best qualities for them to be made into diamond engagement rings.

Even jewelers consider the princess cut prized above all else. When a jeweler cuts a diamond from the rough, they can often obtain two princess cuts from same stone. When a jeweler cuts a round cut diamond, they tend to lose about 60 % of the diamond when cutting say a round brilliant out of the rough. The same jeweler can cut a princess cut and yield upwards of the 80% to 90% range, only losing 10% to 20% of the gem in the cutting. This is a primary reason why princess cut diamonds rings cost less than a round diamond cut ring. To learn more about the timeless ring feel free to check out the resource box below.