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We have been enhancing our baths for centuries, from Cleopatra and her ass’s milk to the modern penchant for bath fizzers and melts. Years ago Granny used to love her scented bath cubes (remember them?) We are more discerning now and ask for glitters, petals, herbs and butters in our fizzy concoctions. But this is usually as a gift for others. I am always happy to buy something a little bit luxurious for the important people in my life but how often do I do the same for me?

The chocolate pieces didn’t bother me at all. They melted a bit, and I knew I would probably have a brown poop like sludge line at the tubs drain when I was done.

And what about party time gift giving? Dried petals and dried rosebuds make excellent pot-pouri, petals can enhance paper making and candle making. You can even use your rose petals in making “cbd bath bombs” or moisturizer cremes: and how about making rosary beads? Some great gift ideas and a marvelous way to share your roses.

Teenage girls can make great money by watching the neighbors’ kids for them so long as the children are not too little. I loved babysitting when I was young and always earned great money. It was also good for teaching me responsibility.

I buy a pretty cbd shop inexpensive gift box from a dollar store line it with white tissue paper and nestle the soaps inside. Then I cover them up with more tissue paper, place the lid on top and carefully wrap it with attractive Christmas paper. Then I attach a charming (and charmingly cheap) bow on top and a cute gift tag.

However after placing my order, I began to throughly read the rest of the reviews. It turned out a few people were upset at Lush for using Limonene as an ingredient in this bomb. After researching the term, I found that it is actually a n ingredient used in cleaning solvents. I did a bit of research on this ingredient on wiki, and on other various sites where I learned that this ingredient could cause skin irritation, respiratory irritation, and eye irritation. It could also be harmful if swallowed.

What about using a holly or mistletoe mold and coloring the soap green? Or pretty little star shaped soaps. Or Christmas pudding shaped soaps that have been colored to look like a Christmas pudding. Or gingerbread men, with a wonderful gingerbread scent and color, in delightful gingerbread molds. Almost anything is possible in the wonderful world of soap making!