Low Cost Flight Deals – How To Get Rock Bottom Pricing On Plane Tickets

The way airlines price their airfare is one of the great mysteries of our time. One day you will price a round trip airfare and then the next day the same trip will invariably be a different price. Generally, airlines run airfare weekend specials that are cheaper than travel during the week, but you have to stay over on a Saturday. But are there ways to make sure you are getting the best possible price and can you get the same weekend special prices or better during the week?

Now that there was no risk of being blasted out of the sky, his only concern was to have us call Sana’a on HF to notify the band of our 30 minute delay. Before leaving the flight deck he reminded us to fly off airways in Yemeni airspace to reduce the possibility of being fired on by local tribesmen hostile to the government.

SIDE NOTE: Notice how survival tools haven’t come up yet? Nowhere in aviate, navigate, or communicate (in a flight) will you need a first aid kit, survival knife, floatation device, CV Radio etc…

Pro flight Simulator 2011 also has the best support that I have ever had the pleasure of using. I had a few problems (that were my fault), and they answered my support request within minutes. I could not believe how fast they responded. When the upgrades came this year, they sent me an email letting me know. I was able to download and upgrade my Google Airfare¨ sim within minutes.

It is to your advantage if you’re flexible in choosing your traveling dates. Prices for Airfare often vary greatly from one day to another, so be on the lookout for different fares at different days. In my own experience as a globe trotter, I observed that booking on a midweek day usually gets you the cheapest airfare. Cheap airfares usually don’t show up in any online booking system during the weekends, as the airlines don’t have difficulties filling their seats for weekend flights. Trust me, following this single tip alone can save you big bucks!

That’s exactly how I was feeling when after years of averaging 100hrs per year as a part-time CFI, I knew I needed to do something drastically different. I had about 1000 hours, mostly as dual given, I was 33 years old, and I knew if I didn’t do something now, I was going to miss my chance to fly professionally. Luckily, I worked for a company that I thought might give me an opportunity, but only after I obtained my ATP. At the rate I was going, it would take another 5 years to get it. I would be nearing 40 by then and I was already tired of working two jobs – another 5 years would simply be out of the question.

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