Ideas For A Family Halloween Pumpkin Patch Party

Halloween is around the corner! Have you prepared something interesting for this holiday? Do you mean to enjoy this holiday by trick-or-treating, attending costume parties and discos as usual? To make your Halloween special, you may try your best to thrill people around you and share the happiness with them. There are a number of ideas you could come up with on Halloween, but making a Halloween quiz sounds a good one to entertain your friends.

The theme of this Halloween party is graveyard and skeletons. Shop around for the best prices on my supplies list and watch for sales at craft stores.

Monster Mash is a great song to bring back those old memories of trick or treating as a kid. Well, that is depending on your age. I had not heard this song in so long that I had to pull it up on good old YouTube. I love to listen to it to bring me back to, well, if I say then I will have just given away my age.

Although having some sort of control would be a great but also remember that this is a children’s party, an iron hand rule would be overdoing it. Now there are a number of ways to make your audience listen. One way would be to keep them busy by having them participate in party games. There are quite a number of party games that you can organize that would certainly grab the attention of your kids.

Last but definitely not least is halloween. I’ve been building my collection for years, but for starters you can get a simple halloween sounds CD and put it on repeat. Chains, howling, screams make the young ones shake in their boots. The old ones (including parents) find it amusing but neat. I like to throw in a mix of halloween songs like monster mash and of course what Halloween would be complete without a little Danny Elfman. If you’re not familiar with Mr Elfman’s work, he has done soundtracks for some of the scariest movies out there. Google him and see what comes back.

Why? Movies like Saw, Halloween or even Poltergueist are terrifying for creating atmosphere. The screams and soundtracks from these movies make great additional sounds. That piano solo in The Exorcist is still a chilling piece of music if you ask me. Such movies are also great for guests who just want to sit in front of the tube and avoid mingling.

When the party starts breaking up, have your young host pass out a small party favor to show appreciation to his/her guests for attending. This could be candy bars (not the bite-sized ones), glow-in-the-dark anything. Or try some cool personalized favors. These are actually easy to find on-line and come right to your house within a week of ordering them. Party favors are just a nice finishing touch to any planned party.