How To Get Rid Of Acne In The Natural Way

A first aid box is a simple box that has items we can use in the case of any medical emergency such as an accident or injury. Generally a first aid box has medical items like bandage, pills, and medicines, cotton, etc., but there are also some natural items that we can use for first aid treatment. We can even include these essential items in our first aid kit. Below I have discussed some basic things that we get from nature and can use for first aid.

tea tree oil pidocchi is extracted from the leaves of the tea tree and is known for is anti-bacterial properties. It has a heady and beautiful aroma and it is very useful to reduce scarring and inflammation in its use as a spot treatment for pimples. However, the oil is rather potent, so make sure you mix it with a lot of Witch Hazel toner, in the 1:9 proportion. Use a cotton swab and apply it every night.

Some people love the smell of this oil and use bath and shower lotions containing tea tree. If you use it regularly to shampoo your hair, it will solve any dandruff issues but will also deter unwanted guests as head lice hate the smell. It is also useful as a bathroom cleaner as it is effective on mold as well as being a natural disinfectant.

How many times should you apply Tea Tree Oil uses tree oil? One to two times daily is all you need. I personally use jojoba oil after my morning shower and again during the early evening hours. If I have an area that seems to be affected more than I want, then I will apply tea tree oil to that area.

I have found that tea tree oil does not leave the skin feeling as dry as a normal soap or a benzoyl peroxide based product. My personal regimen in the past was a benzoyl peroxide bar and a light moisturizer, but with mixed results. I switched to a tea tree based wash in the shower and jojoba oil to moisturize afterward and have seen a significant improvement in my complexion. Its a fairly amazing difference and after having acne as long as I have an having tried so many products that I am simply astounded at how effective this combination is.

Some acne products increase the skin’s sensitivity to light. Wear a hat with a brim while in the sun and use sunscreen. Avoid tanning booths while using these products.

When you get headaches due to tension or excessive exposure to the sun, you can apply a mild form of mint oil on the forehead. This relaxes the tensed nerves and reduces the pain as well. There are notable peppermint oil headache benefits and use it to experience them.

Use these above best acne spot treatment to zap away your annoying pimples. This spot treatment for pimples is sure to work and keep your face blemish free.

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