Girl Scout Songs – What Shall We Sing Tonight?

Camping is one of the world’s most popular leisure activities. A wonderful holiday can be tailored to suit any camper. It can cost nearly no money at all by “roughing it,” or on the other hand, a very comfortable time can be spent with nearly all modern conveniences. Some folks desire a mini-vacation over a weekend, others spend the summer at a new campground every night while seeing the country. Some pack their camping trip with outdoor activities, while others swing in a hammock all day instead.

With this method, you saved yourself from spending time and money looking for natural fireplace logs in the market. Analyzing it further, you did not just save money; also, you saved a tree, you saved the environment, you saved the world and you made Mother Nature happy. Above all, you created a better future for the upcoming generations.

But wait until dark. All of Satan’s henchmen come out to feast, and no amount of insect spray, mozzie coils, or citronella candles will keep them away. Build a campfire. That’s what we”ll do. I know all about stuff – tinder, kindling, fuel, etc, etc. But you can guarantee that when you build a campfire in the right spot and orientation to your campsite, the wind will change direction, and that plentiful supply of fuel you sweated over collecting will go up in a blazing puff of smoke in the exact amount of time it takes you to grab a toasting fork, and a handful of marshmallows, and settle back into your chair. Of course, all of your neighbouring campers have a campfire still blazing and roasting – and reflecting those fire-lit smug looks on their faces staring pitifully in your direction.

As pretty and peaceful as a gully or glen is during a non-rainy season, be alert for flash floods. Gullies will fill quickly with water and may cause a disaster you do not want to be any part of.

If even that is too much for you, then there are every day common items that could prove to be a lot of fun. A rainbow, clouds, leaves, chairs, numbers, phones…There’s a whole list of basic, everyday things that could very well be your theme. Just because you see them every day doesn’t mean you can’t make them a unique and successful theme idea!

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Long ago, before we, as a human species settled down into a more civilized world, we had many things to worry about in the wilds of the world. As the human species began evolving, we became scared of things like the dark. We became scare of being eaten alive by wild flesh eating beasts. It became even worse when those two things came together. The world could be a terrifying place to be in for a human. Thus, the fight or flight response was born.

This is just a handful of good girl scout songs. If you have some favorites that I have not included, drop me an email with your suggestions. I can always add more to my songbook.