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Which is best, recumbent exercise bikes or treadmills for home fitness equipment? Both the stationary recumbent bike and treadmill have their advantages. They both can come with preset programs that help you change the difficulty and intensity of your workouts. Both let you feel like you are going up a steep hill. With some of these exercise bike programs you can change levels of workout even intensity without needing to pull a lever or press a button. In many cases you can also set a program to random intensity that will keep you guessing and alert. Some recumbent bikes could be connected to a screen or come with monitors and virtual cycling games. If you pit an exercise vs. a treadmill for variety and these features. The recumbent exercise bikes would win.

Don’t underestimate the value of an exercise bike. You can use all kinds of Compact exercise bike machines, many with electronics and gadgets. It’s hard to beat a good exercise bike for a solid workout machine. If you want to burn fat and do a cardiovascular workout the exercise bike is a great tool.

Using the stationary bike is definitely a great way to conveniently exercise in the comfort of your own home. Not only do you have privacy, but you also control your schedule. Training in a gym by using barbells, doing push ups, running, walking, or riding outdoors are equally as intense as training on an exercise bike. They are all meant for the same purpose and that is to keep you fit. It’s a matter of setting a goal and maintaining it. You have the freehand of choosing which method best suits you. All of them require concentration and determination on your part.

Another big positive of having an exercise bike workout as part of your fitness routine is that there is very “low impact” type of exercise. This makes it ideal for those with bad joints or for those who are very overweight. It’s also an ideal exercise for those who are recovering from some sort of injury.

The Schwinn Motionscykel til ├Žldre of the upright series is a powerful solid machine designed to burn those extra calories without over exhausting you. The bike occupies less space in a room. The digital screen is well lit and keeps track of your activity in terms of time, interval time, RPM, distance, speed, calories burned, resistance etc. It also has a built in heart rate monitor. To make workouts fun, this Schwinn bike has a reading rack which allows you to read a magazine while exercising.

Another thing that lead me to the stationary bike is my history of knee problems. I had a torn ACL that wasn’t repaired for almost ten years. Whenever I would re-injure that knee biking felt better than any other type of exercise. It helped loosen it up and it helped push the swelling out of the joints. After I finally had my surgery it was the same thing. Even now five years after the surgery, biking feels the best on my knee and I can feel the muscles around the knee being worked, making my knee stronger.

On a weekly basis, wipe down your flywheel. It will accumulate dust, hair, and dirt as you exercise. Wiping it down will help maintain your bike’s longevity. You can use a product like WD-40 to clean and lubricate it.

These easy to follow measures might not be enough to remedy our global warming woes, but it gives us the power to be responsible for our own portion of the problem. And this is crucial in humankind’s effort to heal the Earth.