Box Office Report: Puss Purrs In Theaters

Okay, so you’ve heard the strange noises, felt the uncommon cold spots around the house and maybe, just maybe, even saw what looked like a person only to watch it disappear into thin air. In other words, you think you’ve got a ghost in your house.

In present time, there is now less research, more drama, and bullying from grown adults. Ironically, the term “paraunity” came from drama itself, as a way to combat drama and instead come together. The individuals who coined the term are no longer involved in the field.

Anton LaVey, founder of church of Satan in the year 1966 died at the age of 67. The shocking part about his death certificate states that he died on Halloween morning.

On top of that, the sequel will have a hard time convincing audiences that the movie is worth seeing. At the end of Paranormal blog, the possessed woman kills her husband and disappears. Are audiences supposed to believe that she’ll just move to some other town and find a new husband? Piecing the two movies together into a cohesive story that convinces audiences will be difficult. Sadly, the quality of this movie and its story will most likely be sub-par in comparison to the original film.

Other movies that were nominated for Oscars last week Paranormal blog online picked up some extra revenue this weekend including Lincoln which went from eighth to seventh and Silver Linings Playbook which went from twelfth to tenth. Meanwhile, last weekend’s surprise number one movie, the horror flick “Texas Chainsaw 3D”, dropped from first all the way to ninth.

Have you ever been called any of these because you like to perform paranormal investigations to help people? Have you ever wondered if ghost hunting aka paranormal investigation and the belief of these spirits defy the word of God? I along with many in the paranormal community along with several religious denominations and church going people have wondered these things.

If you are unsure then contact one anyway. They can help you determine if an entity is present or if there are rational explanations for the occurrences. If a single person is being affected then take them to the Dr. Make sure its not a mental health issue which unfortunately does make people more paranoid and prone to believe that an entity is after them.