4 Ways To Improve Your Presentation Skills And Wow Your Audience

Imparting your expertise to your potential clients can be your ticket to earn a fortune online. However, if you want to achieve your financial freedom anytime soon, I suggest that you start thinking big. By this, I simply mean ditch the idea of selling $30-ebook or $45 audio products. Augment your profits by a hundredfold by offering high ticket products that can sell up to $12,000 per unit.

If you’re going to use audio visuals, be sure all necessary equipment is set up and in good working order prior to the presentation. If you’re giving handouts, tell the audience ahead of time. This way they will not waste time taking notes and can focus on your presentation.

We always recommend a positive approach to your presentations, even if you are giving bad news – maybe especially if you are. Your conclusion is the most powerful point in your talk to get the audience members to do what you would like them to. Give them a specific action, so they can get on board, as well as perhaps a positive quote, saying or colourful phrase appropriate to the group.

31. Devise a filing system that works for you. It’s difficult to describe any one useful system because it depends on what you need. As an example here’s what I have: A file for each workshop or product such as Effective Time Management, presentation skill classes, Effective Leadership and about twenty others; a file for each client; a file for each administrative task such as accounts, expenses, and invoices; a file for each major supplier; a file for each current project. Even though many of my projects are short term, each has its own A4 folder into which all relevant paper is placed.

I often find myself disappointed that inspirational leaders who seem to achieve great results in all other areas of their business do not always inspire when it comes to public speaking.It should be a no-brainer that the leaders of an organisation should be fabulous on their feet? We expect them to be passionate and articulate and to motivate their employees and clients alike? Yet so often we find that they just fall short.

Number 9. Work hard – very hard. Be the first one to work and the last one to leave. When you work on a project try to get it done efficiently and effectively. Make working hard a habit. Become known as the person who works harder and smarter than all others within your department.

Number 12. Keep your word. Develop a reputation for integrity and honesty. Do what you say you will do. Others will begin to trust you and look to you for answers and you will become known as a person with a good reputation.