10 Music Artists That Glee Should Cover In Season 2

November 1st is the date that Mustang Brewing Company’s Amber Lager hits the streets in six-packs. Mustang President, Tim Schoelen, is geared to brew some tasty, but easy drinking beer to enjoy for any occasion.

Detractors will point to some narrative deficiencies and an over reliance on appealing to what it thinks the audience will find “cool”. Quite a bit was made of the depictions of twin characters Skids and Mudflap as being a bit racially insensitive and just a downright ignorant generalization. That’s up to the viewer to decide. This is nothing new to Michael Bay. Take it or leave it. A number of people have also expressed surprise at the amount of foul language present in this PG-13 movie.

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McNellie’s in Oklahoma City will have a Mustang Amber Pint Night on November 16, starting at 5:00 p.m. If this pint night is as successful as Mustang’s first pint night, you better arrive at 4:00 p.m. to ensure a seat and a Mustang pint glass.

The Homestead is now known as a historic place. It was once a stage coach stop and an Inn. Today the Homestead serves as a company museum and historic center.

Next write down what you think your partner most enjoys and be specific. Understanding your partner on all levels will help you create passionate love making. If you know your partner enjoys silk sheets, a warm bath, roses, a massage, walking on the beach, listening to Beethoven or Bach, dancing, hot movies, make these things part of the experience. Make changes as moods and interests change…be flexible.

Talk to some friends. Don’t bring up work. I’ll often call my friends when I’m trying to beat writer’s block into the ground. Shooting the breeze with them allows me to forget about my problems for the time being and often get a laugh. Besides, it’s good to know that my buddies are good for something every now and then (haha).

In short, depression self-help is possible. The biggest hurdle that you will need to overcome is the first step. Force yourself to eat healthy. Force yourself to talk with others. Force yourself to stay active. Soon they will become habits; habits that you can enjoy and habits that will allow you to overcome your debilitating depression.