As the golfing health and fitness industry grows, you need to evaluate your golfing sport, your fitness level, your dedication to practice, and your golfing goals, to determine what degree of fitness plan you require. For most golfers “some” health and fitness coaching is sufficient, and will be advantageous forContinue Reading

Kevin Na’s initial PGA Tour win on Sunday in Las Vegas earned the preeminent plodder a passel of goodies, including totally exempt status on the tour via the 2013 period. Finally, following his 211th profession start, the 28-yr-previous Las Vegas resident will have free rein for the subsequent two manyContinue Reading

Here in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania we are supposed to be guaranteed a “republican” form of government. It’s in the United States Constitution if you question this. Appear it up. National Satisfaction. Many countries consider national Golf Tour satisfaction in their groups. Because they compete against other nations, there isContinue Reading